Thursday, 29 November 2007

An Image of.......

A rather fetching teddy bear, neatly attired in blue fur. Obviously an image of the final prophet of God. Of course it is a totally ridiculous notion. Nearly as ridiculous as the concept of the final prophet himself, religion, God or indeed arresting, imprisoning and threatening a school teacher with flogging for allowing 8 year old school children to call their classroom teddy Mohammed; accusing her of blasphemy and inciting religious hatred. What a joke! If it weren’t a fact, one would think it wasn’t possible to be that stupid. But yet again, Muslims manage to conjure up an act of unbelievable idiocy. The sheer backward, dim-witted, brainless and unquestioning ignorance of the followers of this utterly pathetic religion is, quite simply, staggering. They are the epitome of why, in the long run, the human race is, hopefully, doomed.

To think that that poor woman was in Sudan to educate Sudanese children, to try to build a better future for the Sudanese state, only to be repaid with imprisonment and the threat of being flogged. It is just staggering! But it seems that everything in connection with that country brings bewilderment. None more so than the fact that the Sudanese state gets millions of dollars in aid from western tax-payers just so they can commit institutionalised genocide of their own people and fellow Muslims. It’s as big a joke as the predicament Ms Gibbons finds herself in.

The British government for once should show some backbone and warn the rabble that run that failed and worthless wasteland that there will be serious consequences should Ms Gibbons not be released immediately. We should not allow a weak and wretched nation like Sudan to indulge in an attempt at humiliation of a major western power. Iran did it earlier this year when they illegally captured sailors of the Royal Navy. It must not happen again!