Friday, 31 August 2007

Ten Years On

It is hard to believe that it is ten years since the death of Princess Diana. It is notable that, despite the best efforts of the news media, the anniversary is only being marked by a low-key private memorial service by Diana’s close family and friends and senior members of the Royal Family. Public interest has been really quite minimal. Ten years ago on the other hand, news of her death was met, rather embarrassingly, by a form of mass hysteria the like of which Britain had never seen before. This very public show of grief was indeed ironic as five years or so previous, Britain and the world had laughed at the public grieving shown in North Korea at the death of the odious dictator Kim Il-Sung. The similarity was striking with the hysteria in both instances ridiculous.

For a brief and glorious, glimpsing moment, in the week following Diana’s death it was possible to imagine that the end was near for the monarchy. In death, Diana could have had the last laugh for the years of unhappiness she endured when married into ‘the firm’. The Royal Family’s seeming disregard for her death and its ignoring of the subsequent grief made them look cold, out of touch and uncaring. They were suddenly interned in the biggest crisis for the monarchy since the abdication of Edward V111. Their validity and future was questioned like never before. Alas it was not to be. The Royal Family weathered the storm and is, unfortunately, just as popular as ever. Being a member of the aristocracy, their demise would probably not have been what Diana would have wanted anyway. Her death did; however, make the Royal Family realise that their position is not guaranteed, and her two sons have now become the great hope for the future. Thanks to her, they do have a more common touch and are proving themselves to be hugely popular. But perhaps her lasting legacy is far subtler and one which could yet bring humiliation to the House of Windsor. Why does Prince Harry not have any resemblance to the Prince of Wales?

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Unity is Strength

In an admirable act of solidarity, Prison Officers exercised their legitimate right to withhold their labour and held a 24-hour strike. The Prison Officers Association called a national ‘wildcat’ strike, literally at a moments notice. Their organisation and unity is commendable. Of course, it is an entirely needless act. They were awarded 2.5% pay rise by an independent pay review body, which in an act of almost insidious provocation, the employers chose not to implement, paying only 1.5% immediately with the further 1% payable in 6 months. This has meant that the pay award will not be fully implemented. The government went to court to get an injunction against the union, as they are not permitted to strike in law. Jack Straw said that the union have acted illegally and their action was unjustified. It is true that the union acted illegally, but their action was certainly justified. When the union is barred from industrial action, it should be expected that the government is reciprocating and protect the rights of the workforce, instead of playing games with their pay and conditions.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Iran Next

President Bush warns of a pending nuclear holocaust in the Middle East. President Ahmadinejad of Iran mocks the west by saying Iran is ready to fill a soon to be created power vacuum. The standoff between the US and Iran could soon be reaching terrifying proportions. The Iranians appear to have convinced themselves that the west in general and the US in particular are powerless: too afraid to confront the Islamic Republic. In their game of brinkmanship, the Iranians are partially right. Fear is tangible, for the west can guess at the consequences of a confrontation with Iran: terrorism in western cities, possible Iranian action against the oilfields of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, an attack on Israel via Hizbullah, mining of the gulf shipping lanes, greater chaos in Iraq. All coupled with the likely turmoil in western markets and economies. The west is of course, not completely powerless, if they can remain unified. Bush, apparently in a move to appease any waiverers, called for an alliance to impose economic sanctions. In the long term, if properly imposed, these will undoubtedly hurt the Iranian people but will be propagandised to show the Iranian regime opposing western imperialism. Sanctions, however, will not stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.
The prospect of a fanatical, Islamist state, which runs proxy terrorist armies, being armed with nuclear weapons is simply unthinkable. It is too terrible to contemplate. Bush has proved that he is not averse to taking the military option and given Iran’s determination to advance its nuclear ambitions, another way forward, in the form of a North Korea type compromise, is not likely to be found. A nuclear armed Iran, holding a strategically vital region, and the west, to ransom, with the possibility of other regional powers pushing for their own ‘bomb’ or the probable devastation of an armed conflict with its global consequence. Bush is damned if he confronts Iran and he is damned if he does not. In one form or another, the future looks bleak.

Friday, 24 August 2007


The UK, renowned for its tolerance and sense of fair play, and which should be the greatest nation on earth in which to live, is rapidly declining to become a cesspit. 200000 British people left the UK last year. An additional 200000 long-term foreign residents also left. 400000 people may have left but over 600000 immigrants settled in the country. The UK is now, and has been for some time, on a demographic curve, which will lead it to a point where for the first time in human history a country’s indigenous population has volunteered its nationhood away. But is it any wonder that there is a mass exodus of British people?

1. Uncontrolled immigration has weakened the nation state and the sense of belonging. The British people are slowly loosing control of their own country.

2. Uncontrolled immigration has also created a huge Muslim minority. The majority in the Muslim population are decent hard working folk but it is undeniable that there is a sizeable minority who despise western freedoms and lifestyle. They exploit both to spread their extremist propaganda and encourage terrorism to kill fellow citizens who do not follow their hateful and disgusting beliefs.

3. Multi-culturism has been forced onto the British people by a political class who are completely removed from the realities that it has lead to. It might have been a noble belief but it has been used as a way of smoothing the way for a huge influx of immigrants. Political correctness has inevitably meant that minority culture has begun to take precedent over the wishes and desires of the British majority. Anyone who speaks out against multi-culturism is, it seems, automatically branded a racist, even though cultural issues do not refer to race.

4. American capitalist economics imported by Thatcher in the 1980s has lead to a winners and losers society where fellow citizens are irrelevant and are often a competitor to be defeated. People now frequently have a total disregard for each other. All that matters is personal self-fulfilment even at the expense of all others.

5. American rap/hip-hop culture has been imported via black youth. This has spread like a cancer to infect virtually the entire youth lifestyle. It embodies rampant consumerism and violence and is the grotesque extreme of uncontrolled capitalism.

6. Violence, gangs, guns and stabbings plague youth culture. Violence perpetrated, and which is now reported daily, is made all the more shocking as it is carried out without any regard or feeling for the victim. It is often filmed and regarded as a joke by teenagers who have an almost sociopathic antipathy to anyone outside their clique. It should be remembered that today’s youth are the society builders and decision makers of tomorrow responsible for working, paying taxes and supporting and defending the nation.

7. The cause of the present youth crisis can be found in the economic and social policies of the 1980s. The parents of todays out of control teenagers are the ones who were indoctrinated, educated and cast aside by massive unemployment in the 1980s. Britain had a heavy industrial base, which was a tough all male environment. Teenage boys were part of tight family groups, which were themselves part of disciplined and cohesive communities. Boys invariably entered apprenticeships or went to work in industry. They could no longer hang around with the same mats they grew up with but had to become ‘men’. Industry was not only an important source of revenue but also played an almost unknowingly vital social role.

8. Mass unemployment of the 1980s led directly to the belief that welfare dependency is a lifestyle choice instead of it being a safety net. Social security, paid for at huge expense by the decent hard working taxpayer, has been abused and expanded so that it is now possible to earn more money doing nothing than going out to work. A state that is unbelievable, corrupt and unfair.

9. Disintegration of the family is directly traceable to the ending of industry. It is no surprise that the rise of single motherhood and teenage pregnancy coincided with mass unemployment. A lifestyle that became normalised 20 years ago. Youth crime today is associated with the ending of the family unit. Parents of teenagers today are those who were teenagers in the 1980s.

10. Widespread and systematic drug use has turned British working class streets and housing complexes into open sewers. Drug dealers use violence and intimidation to protect their ‘empires’ and drug users commit crime against decent people to raise money to feed their habits.

11. A weak establishment lead judiciary takes pride in interpreting and manipulating laws to spite the government. It turns economic migrants into asylum seekers, makes it acceptable to hijack airlines, protects the rights of foreign murderers and allows paedophiles to walk free from court. The judiciary have become self-indulgent and is rife with political correctness. The law is not now a tool for defending the rights of the decent law abiding citizen. It is corrupted and influenced by lawyers who make vast fortunes out of legal aid, manipulating and defending the indefensible.

Britain has become an anarchic, brutal and immoral society. Successive governments of both parties have been unable or unwilling to tackle head on the decline in civil standards. They have continuously missed the reality of the lives, wishes and aspirations of decent ordinary people. On the present course the future of the country is bleak. Who can blame people for getting out now?

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The Bear Awakens

Reminiscent of the Cold War, Russia sends long-range bombers to threaten British airspace. It sends bombers to the American military base of Guam. Agents are sent to London to murder British citizens The head of the Russian armed forces warns the Czech Republic that they would be making a huge mistake if they participate the America’s missile defence plans. It is now clear that Russia is slowly reverting to the same disgusting country it was during the Soviet era. Vladimir Putin and his government have revealed themselves to be reconstituted, authoritative Soviet style nationalists, one step removed from dictators who would threaten western freedom. They are emboldened by their oil and gas reserves and by embarking on a huge military rearmament program are thinking that the West should once again be cowering under their goose-stepping jackboot.

It is outrageous that Russia is now sending bombers to threaten British airspace. It is a completely unprovoked and intimidating act of terror. The West must be strong and resolute. The Russian threat must once again be faced down. If necessary defence budgets and armed forces must be expanded to counter the Russian military. The West must not yield. The reality, however, is that Russia is a comparatively poor country with a relatively small and declining population. Its ageing armed forces are decrepit and out of date, and the military-industrial complex is of a size, which is way out of proportion to the wealth of the state. It is striking that the planes, which are once again threatening Britain are the same ‘Bear’ turbo-prop bombers designed in the 1950s, deployed during the Cold War and hardly upgraded since. They are though, now met by brand new Typhoon fighter aircraft. Russia is proving itself to be nothing more than a pathetic bully. Bullies should always be slapped down, back to their previous position of no importance.

Justice for All

A slow, corrosive drip, drip, drip. European law, the Human Rights Act, lawyers, the Judiciary, political correctness: all are meant to uphold civilisation, but now combine to gradually and remorselessly undermine decent society. The inability to deport a foreign murderer illustrates the rotten and corrupt core at the heart of our culture. It is apparent that the law now provides for the rights of a maniacal, murderous, gang member to take precedent over those of both the upstanding citizen he murdered and the victim’s thoroughly honourable family. To add insult to injury, the murderer’s lawyer claims he is apologetic and remorseful, despite him still denying guilt, and that the victim’s wife does not understand and is narrow-minded. For a murderer to receive this level of protection from the law, after he has cynically abused everything that a cultured society provides, and for his lawyer to systematically corrupt and manipulate, is utterly disgusting. In the act of murder he decided that the law was irrelevant to his actions. He should, therefore, now forfeit any rights within the law. As a minimum, he should be deported after the full completion of his sentence so that some sort of justice can be served and decent society can prevail. On the present course of political correctness, I wonder how much longer it will be before the very act of jailing criminals is considered an infringement of their human rights.

Of course, it is not the first time lawyers have manipulated and abused the system. It transpires that economic migrants can miraculously claim asylum, the hijacking of civilian airlines is perfectly acceptable and indeterminate sentences for dangerous criminals are unjust. Abuse even extends to temporarily halting the slaughter of a bovine TB infected bull because it would infringe the human rights of its idiotic worshippers.

At least there is one good thing that comes out of all this abuse of the system. The lawyers are making a fortune from legal aid, at the expense of the hard working taxpayer.