Thursday, 20 September 2007


So that annual festival of racism, celebrating black music and culture has occurred again. In keeping with its politically correct ethos it was also broadcast live on BBC television. It had its usual quota of hip hop ‘gangsta’ stars, I use the term ‘stars’ very loosely, and women using sex to advertise themselves and their hopeless music. In fact everything that is wrong with British popular culture and society was encapsulated by this offensive affair.

It is simply unbelievable how a major music awards show like this can blatantly revel in the triumphalism and discrimination of its name and cultural basis. But because the word ‘black’ is used in its title and black culture is rewarded, everything is acceptable. What would the world say of music awards called ‘Music of White Origin’? Offensive and racist!


Cassilis said...

What is 'Music of White Origin'?

Witchfinder General said...

When I wrote this post, I purposely tried to make it quite inflammatory. I also knew that anyone reading it would come up with this type of comment. I think you quite miss the point. Racism, which I utterly deplore, works both ways.